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The best real estate agents will tell you well well staged and styled properties attract more buyers and a higher sale price. It’s that simple.

With beautiful furniture, art, and accessories we instantly transform your home to look it’s best without the need of major work. With our experience selling homes, we can create a custom package for you to create maximum value.

This is not just about placing furniture – it’s about creating spaces that buyers will fall in love with. Warm spaces people can imagine themselves living in.

We can completely furnish your home with carefully curated objects, art, linen, furniture, plants and rugs to show buyers the lifestyle your house could give them.

We work with you to create flexible customised solutions

from restyling your existing furnishing through to a full staging package.

Full Home Staging

We provide everything.

We carefully select and install quality furniture, furnishings, accessories and artwork to ensure your property looks its very best to provide a wonderful first impression in person or in print.

Partial Staging & Styling

We use some of your furniture.

A great option if you want to live in your home while it’s on the market. We work with you to identify these key items to keep in your home, and we fill the gaps to create a look that appeals to your buyers.


We work with what you have.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and some rearranging of items is all you need to maximise your sale price.

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