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Living & Dining

These are such key spaced for modern family living.

In this home, the living and dining room were in the new extension – so we had total licence to make this an epic, open plan space.

In a nutshell, we added a modern box at the back of the old villa – creating a transition from old to new with a stepped floor. We choose a pretty impressive gabled roof line running at right angles to the villa.

The gabled roof was a great call, as although the new extension wasn’t enormous, this impressive roof line created a real sense of space (it’s a great trick!).

We added 4 North facing fixed skylights to let the sun shine through, and finished everything off with, tall wooden sliders to help make the outdoor space sit seamlessly with the living spaces.

We think we create a perfect design for practical family living! All finished off with timber floors, a neutral colour pallet base and pops of colour!


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