There’s nothing better for a good night’s sleep than a cosy, well styled bedroom.

We broke down our top 5 tips this winter for a good night’s rest (and we think they apply to any seasonal bedroom makeover).

Tip 1

Have fun with some colour

Choose a combination of rich colours that have both depth and warmth. Your room should feel cosy, and make you want to curl up in bed. One way to do this is by using earthy colours. They create a sense of calm, and bring nature into your bedroom during months when it can be hard to spend time outside.

There are some incredible greens this season – moss and olive green in particular. Think of pairing these with small touches of something warm like dusky pink or mustard (or both!). Bedding is a fantastic way of introducing colour, as your bedding can easily be changed out once things warm up again in Spring.

Bed Seal image
Sealy image 2

Tip 2

Introduce layering & texture

Layering is everything in a great winter bed. We love using two duvets or quilts so bedding feels heavy and warm. Layering also allows you to introduce different textures and colours that can easily be changed around.

Velvet has made a massive comeback, and is a luxurious, go to winter fabric that looks great in all rooms. Velvet can instantly transform a space. Try pairing it with natural linen, wool and cotton on your bed, and contrast it in bedroom décor with natural material like cane, or even some plants.

Tip 3

Nail the basics

At the end of the day, your bedroom is for sleeping. A great bed is paramount for a great night’s sleep. Choose a bed that feels cosy and supportive. Dress the bed with natural products that will go against your skin (woollen underlay, cotton sheets, linen duvets, down inners and pillows).

Your skin will breath, you will feel warm and cosy and your body will wake up feeling well rested and ready for the day. There is so much choice around this year, there’s no need to choose synthetic fabric to go against your skin.

Sealy bed with pillows image 2

Tip 4

Keep it personal

Your bedroom shouldn’t feel staged – it should feel restful and it should feel like it’s yours. It’s good to have a theme in mind, but don’t be afraid to bend some rules and use interesting colour combinations and a real mix of materials. Think about introducing contrasting bedside tables or using art and photographs to give your space some personality. An eclectic mix of old and new, on trend and classic, rule bound and rule breaking will give your room some personality.

Sealy bed image 1

Tip 5

Don’t forget the last 5%

Style your room with accessories that are part of your bedtime routine. Keep books, scented candles and beautiful hand creams close by so you can use them before you snuggle in. Not only can they look beautiful, but creating a little routine sets you up for slumber and tells your mind that it’s time to switch off. Scent can have a huge impact on how you sleep, so try some different combinations and find something that feels restful for you (a new favourite we have found is Apricot and Tonka bean).

You have heard it before, but make your bedroom an electronics-free space. Charge your phone somewhere else, tuck your laptop away and let your bedroom be a haven away from it all this winter.