Refreshing your home and presenting it well doesn’t need to cost the earth. Here we unpack some of our top home styling and staging tips you can try yourself, all while on a budget!

Using Tea Towels as Art
An oldie but a goodie, using tea towels as art in home staging and styling is a great way to introduce beautiful art into your home. Well-known artists sometimes collaborate, fundraise and print their works onto tea towels.
Not just for drying dishes, in our styling and home staging projects we have presented art this way many times. Here are some ways to do it:
– Using a staple gun, secure the edges over the frame and hang like a canvas
Iron and use as many framing mats as you wish (to increase the total size of tea towel as art)
and put into a premade frame
– Attach the top of the tea towel to a thin piece of dowel and string from either side and hang
on a wall
– Pin the tea towel to a corkboard
– Hangover your towel rail or oven rail!

Hydrangeas – the flower that keeps on giving

Hydrangeas are one of our favorite flowers for styling and home staging. In all their various hues, hydrangeas suit such a range of settings from modern to traditional and more urban, commercial spaces.

The best thing about them is their longevity! Hydrangeas are stunning fresh, dried, painted, and dyed. So, once you have enjoyed the fresh, you can preserve them and continue to use them in your newly styled or staged home.

And a simple watering tip for hydrangeas – they take their hydration through their petals so either sprays the petals with a water spray bottle or dunk in a basin of water to freshen them up and make them last longer!

Change out cabinetry handles and tapware

If your kitchen needs a quick update and you’re on a budget consider swapping some things out. Choose interesting handles, high-end tapware and switch gear to be the focal points – you’ll save an absolute fortune with this staging and styling trick!

Layer your bed linen

There are lots of ways to give your bedroom a luxurious feel when staging and styling, without spending a fortune! One way is to layer your bedlinen. Along with accessories, invest in statement pieces and style and stage around some more affordable options. Mixing textures for this layering works beautifully.


Don’t forget about the outdoors


So often neglected, and oh so important in any styling or staging project! Start by investing in some bright and quality soft furnishings. They’ll instantly liven up old or tired furniture and will cost a fraction of replacing an entire outdoor set. 

Remember that natural timber in particular can wear super quickly, and can come back to life just as fast with some fresh paint or stain!

Whether you’re looking to sell, or just looking to liven up your home we hope these tips and tricks help to get you started! 

At Ash Road, we offer a range of home styling and staging services – so please get in touch, we would love to help.